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EN: The Diamond Lotus Meditation Retreat

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The Diamond Lotus Meditation [email protected] The Womb Meditation Center

This is a beautiful opportunity to dive into your innermost stillness. We use a variety of techniques such as guided meditations, awareness exercises, dance, movement, voice – and Osho active meditations as well as some ancient methods of meditation. These techniques are conducted in a playful way where the search for silence and for the joyful heart of the innocent child can dance together. Your eyes can become innocent, like a newborn baby … simple and full of wonder.

The Diamond Lotus Meditation Retreat will be facilitated by Pranesh
No prerequisites are required.

Price: 78 Euros (approx. 3000 Baht), including vegetarian lunch and dinner (5 meals in total).
We provide accommodation in our guestrooms in tents or simple sleeping arrangements in the Meditation Hall for extra cost.

Next Retreat: 28. June. 2013.

Retreat Schedule:
Friday, 28th June 10:30am until 8:00pm
Saturday, 29th. June 7:00am until 11:00pm
Sunday, 30th. June 7:00am until 7:00pm

There is no greater ecstasy, no greater blissfulness, than to know who you are. And to know one’s inner space is to know all. When you are, everything else falls away- you are simply alone, standing like a mountain rising into the sky, alone in its beauty, in its freedom, in its being … the greatest peak of consciousness. Don’t miss it. Just be and you have got it.

This is what people say after they did the Diamond Lotus Meditation Retreat:

“During the monthly retreat I released old baggage and energies that I didn’t even remember I had. With the tools that you have given me I now feel so much lighter and connected to my own inner space and infinite intelligence” Gaven, England

“If I did this course in Europe or other parts of Thailand it would have cost at least twice as much and I would be happy to pay it for all the benefits that it has given to me.” Christine, Switzerland

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