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EN: The Pai Secret Hot Springs

Ok, for those that are adventurous, you might want to try and find the Pai Secret Hot Springs & spend a few hours bathing in one of the warm shallow pools deep in the Pai jungle.

The whole journey can be done on Motorbike, however, the road in the wet gets a bit chewed up, is slippery & is very steep so if you are an inept motorbike rider you might want to sit this one out.

To get there basically head out of Pai on HWY 1095 towards Mae Hong Son. You will cross one solid concrete bridge relatively close to Pai, if you cross a second large concrete bridge you’ve gone too far.

The turn off to the hot springs is labeled (but poorly) on your right and you should find it about 11 km out of Pai. As you turn in there will be a forestry department checkpoint which will charge you 20 Baht for the motorbike and 20 Baht for each person. Personally I think these guys just use that money for their slush fund but since it’s only about a buck, don’t sweat it.

Pai Secret Hot Springs

Now comes the tricky part, drive in about 4km over the track & take is slowly. You will have to traverse 2 very steep hills & the journey will seem to last longer than it is but the results will be worth it.

The hot springs are a favourite place for the local Lisu tribes that live in the area. These people are friendly & you will have no problems.

Pai Secret Hot Springs


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