EN: [HDV] Monkey Magic Black Sleeve Pt3

Most of the grunt work has been completed. A normal person would be ready to call it an evening but at 10.00pm Poh guzzles down a Red Bull Special (purportedly twice as strong as a normal Red Bull) looks to the job at hand and decides fuck it, if I’m going to do it, I might as well do it properly.

God knows what Toby had tattooed on his arm, I looked at the wording repeatedly and I still couldn’t make it out but Poh decided it had to go … and go it went, up in smoke! A brilliant piece of cover up work! This completes the 3rd Video in Toby’s Black “New World Order Forearm Sleeve”. Poh completed the work in one sitting taking 8 and 1/2 hours to do so. An extraordinary effort all round!

This video was produced by Map & Blog for the Monkey Magic Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio 

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